Trip of the Month

Below is our flyer describing our 2019 trip lineup. The ticket price which has never increased remains at $150.00 each. Don’t forget that each month’s winning tickets go back into the drum and are eligible for all 12 monthly draws.

Proceeds from the “Trip of the Month Club” assist Uxbridge Rotary in supporting many local causes including Africycle, Lucy Maude Montgomery Society, Precious Minds, Uxbridge Library, Blood Donor Clinics, Uxbridge Food Bank, Uxbridge Trails, Uxbridge Youth Centre and the Uxbridge Rotary Skate Park plus many other local and international initiatives.

Thanks in advance to all our valued and greatly appreciated ticker holders for your continued support of this important fundraiser!

Please contact us if you wish to purchase tickets.

2019 Early Bird Winners

5 piece set of luggage donated by Getaway Travel – Ticket #380 – Keri Smith, Uxbridge
Free 2018 Trip of the Month Club Ticket – Ticket #321- Christine Bowman, Uxbridge
$1000 cheque – Ticket #394 – Ron and Penny Archibald, Uxbridge

January 2019 Winners

“Basking in Belize” – Ticket #047 – Earl Hughson, Uxbridge – Seller: Fran Taylor
$150 – Ticket #093 – Brian Cavill, Little Britain – Seller: Ivan Martin
$100 – Ticket# 324 – Joanna Thornton, Port Perry – Seller: Cyndie Jacobs

February 2019 Winners

“Land of Fire and Ice” – Ticket #099 -Sharon Butchart, Uxbridge, Seller: Ivan Martin
$150 – Ticket # 321 – Christine Bowman, Uxbridge – Seller: Cyndie Jacobs
$100 –  Ticket # 203 – Scott Rutledge, Uxbridge -Seller: Deb Dee

View our previous year’s winners below:

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