Executive Committee

Keld Greflund (President 2019-20)

The President is responsible for providing leadership to the Rotary Club Members and Executive committee. This person also governs the direction of fundraising and spending of fundraising money, oversees Club events, organizes and runs monthly Executive meetings with Club Chairs, ensures minutes are reported. They will act as the liaison with District and Rotary International, report to the Executive Committee and District Governor as well as the public liaison for the Rotary Club.

Deirdre Gibson (Past President 2019-2020)

The Past President is responsible for continuity from the previous year to the current year.

Ken Hendry (Secretary 2018 – 2020)

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining club records such as attendance, monthly reports, semi annual reports for Rotary International and ensuring club dues are paid to Rotary International. The membership status, correspondence of the Executive committee, including taking minutes at the monthly Executive Meetings and distribution of said minutes are an integral part of this position. Ordering of supplies, preparation of new member kits, maintenance of membership and reporting of any new or lost members, regular mail pick-up and distribution, and receipt and delivery of telephone messages round off the duties of this position.

Ahmad Aslam (Treasurer 2017 – 2020)

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial areas of the club and reports to the Executive committee and membership. This person pays invoices upon approval, issues invoices for dues and monitors their payment. Preparing and presenting monthly financial statements for review by the Executive committee round off the duties of the Treasurer.

Fran Taylor (President-elect 2019 – 2020)

The President-elect is responsible for membership growth and activity. This person is also the President-in-training.

Steve Snoddon (Community Service 2017 – 2020)

This committee is responsible for giving back to the community in a variety of meaningful ways consistent with the principles of the club. Community Services also manages the club’s fundraising activities which generate the funds used in all committee areas.

Chuck Taylor (International Service 2019 – 2020)

This committee selects and supports projects outside of our local community. Some projects are supported independently by the Uxbridge club while others are supported in partnership with Rotary International and other international organizations.

Cyndie Jacobs (Youth & Vocational Service 2018-2020)

The Y&V committee supports the development of youth locally and internationally through a variety of educational, leadership and developmental programs and exchanges.

Michael Banh (Club Service 2018-20)

The Club Service committee is responsible for organizing club meetings, for club assets and members’ welfare.

Caitlin Christoff (Director Public Relations 2019-2020)

The Director Public Relations is responsible for administering the club’s communications with the community.