Youth & Vocational Committee

Youth Projects Photos

The Uxbridge Rotary Youth and Vocational Committee is a very active committee with many programs benefiting youth as follows:

Rotary Youth Exchange

For many years we have sent a student from Uxbridge to spend a year living in another country, nurtured by the local Rotary club. Our last outgoing student was Katie Ottolini.  Katie lived for a year with a Rotarian family in Argentina. Our last “in-bound” student is Stijn van Gelder from the Netherlands.  Stijn lived with a family here in Uxbridge and attended Uxbridge Secondary School.  

Rotary Youth Exchanges are an opportunity for youth to experience another culture first hand and in most cases become fluent in the host countries’ language, and make lifelong friends.

Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)

We fund the cost of sending a student with leadership qualities to a one-week program at Loyalist College, Belleville each year. RYLA students learn their own strengths and abilities and further their leadership qualities.

Economics of Staying in School (ESIS)

Each year the Y & V Committee assembles a group of Rotarian volunteers to go into the local Grade 8 classes and teach a daylong Junior Achievement Program. ESIS focuses on the benefits of further education, the need for budgeting, cost of living and related materials. The program goes a long way towards opening the students’ eyes to the working world of their parents and what they will experience once on their own.

Partners in Service

We join forces with other community organization to assist in funding medical assistance for disabled youth.

Adventures in Citizenship

Every year an interested student is given the opportunity to go to Ottawa to first-hand experience the workings of government.

Uxbridge Youth Centre

Rotary has supported the local Youth Centre with a donation of $3,000; a program that we feel is much needed in our community

Literacy Programs

In 2009 Uxbridge Rotary implemented a literacy program by purchasing interactive software for Computer Aided Learning Systems (CALS), a Library based program that helps students raise their reading levels before entering high school.

Uxbridge Music Scholarship

We provide a $500.00 scholarship for a local student excelling in music.

Precious Minds

We are ongoing supporters of Precious Minds, a local initiative assisting challenged children, providing funds to maintain their library.

Uxbridge Secondary School Commencement Award

We provide $700.00 for an annual Community Service Award to be given to a worthy student.

Rotary Interact

We support our local High school’s Interact Club, an introductory Rotary club giving youth a chance to do good works to benefit others.