Catch The Ace

Welcome to our Catch the Ace page!

Catch the Ace Lottery #5

The Ace of Spades has been caught – already! Congratulations to Stewart Sonley, who has won $1,160 by catching the Ace in envelope #22.

Keep an eye on the front page of the Uxbridge Cosmos for news about the start of lottery #6 – in January 2022.

Tickets will be available at our usual retailers: Canadian Tire Uxbridge, Vince’s, Pharmasave, The Uxbridge Legion and Stouffville IDA.

Each ticket you buy furthers the work of these groups, and by extension will add to the opportunities, quality of life and general wellbeing of veterans, retirees, students, children who might not have the opportunity to participate in sports programs, local arts groups, etc. With this consortium, few in need are untouched.

The Ace of Spades has been caught!

Congratulations Stewart Sonley!


How it works

We have attached the following documents to help you understand what we are doing here in Uxbridge;

Tickets may be purchased by anyone 18 years of age or older. Those under that age are not allowed to participate in the lottery in any way (can’t buy, can’t win, can’t collect). Tickets will be available from Wednesday morning until the following Monday night each week. Tickets are never sold on Tuesdays (draw day). Tickets may be purchased at Canadian Tire Uxbridge, or down stairs at the Royal Canadian Legion branch 170, on Franklin Street in Uxbridge.

When you purchase a Catch the Ace ticket, you will be required to complete the personal contact information and mark your selection of which envelope number you think might contain the Ace of Spades. There will be a diagram at the point of sale showing which numbers have previously been selected and which are still available. Put the completed side of the ticket in the box left for that purpose. Mark the envelope selection on your half of the stub and take it with you.

Each Tuesday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. there will be draw with ONE ticket being pulled, from only the tickets sold only during the past week. After the draw has been held and recorded (and winner determined and advised), the tickets for the last week are removed. On each Wednesday morning a new series of tickets are distributed to the Legion and to Canadian Tire Uxbridge, and sales commence until the following Monday night.

The ticket drawn each week will automatically win 20 % of the total ticket sales for the previous week. As an example, if 500 tickets were sold at $5 each, we will have collected a total of $2500. The winning ticket takes home $500. If the ticket drawn has also selected the envelope which corresponds to the Ace of Spades, they will also win the full value of the cumulative jackpot, including the 30% allocated for the current week. The jackpot will continue to grow by 30% of weekly sales until such times as the jackpot is won (after which a new lottery, under a new municipally approved license will begin).

In the event you need further clarification, please email the [email protected]. Watch the Cosmos each Thursday for the current week’s winner, and the projected value of the jackpot for the next week.

Ontario Problem Gambling HotLine 1-888-230-3505