An Uxbridge Rotary Snapshot


Since 1996 the community minded men and women of the Rotary Club of Uxbridge have worked on many projects to make Uxbridge a better place to live. 


The Uxbridge Rotary Youth and Vocational Committee is a very busy committee within the club, actively supporting and believing in the youth of Uxbridge.

Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA): This annual program funds the cost of sending a young adult exhibiting leadership skills to a one-week program at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario.  The program immerses participants in learning their own strengths to further their leadership abilities.

Partners In Service: This co-operative program allows us to join forces with other community organizations to assist in funding medical costs for disabled youth.

Adventure in Citizenship: Every year an applying student is given the opportunity to go to Ottawa to experience the workings of government first hand.

Uxbridge Youth Centre: Rotary continues to support the local Youth Centre.  We feel our association with the Youth Centre has been successful and provides the club with a great conduit to a contingent of local youth which deserves and appreciates the support.

Literacy Programs: The Rotary Club of Uxbridge is a supporter of Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources (DFRFR) which provides support for parents of children from birth to Junior Kindergarten. Neurological and social development during these early years is critical to success later in life.

Uxbridge Music Scholarship Trust: Each year three or four local students receive a scholarship to apply to the cost of their post-secondary degree or diploma in music. Rotary makes an annual contribution to the Trust.

Precious Minds: We are ongoing supporters of Precious Minds providing funds to help maintain their library. Precious Minds supports individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families providing unique and meaningful programs and services to families in their own community. Last year we focused on their new art studio arts and crafts program.

Uxbridge Secondary School Commencement Award: We have provided an annual Community Service Award to be given to a worthy graduating student.

Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation: A charity with a focus on improving the quality of life for seriously ill children and their families receives annual support from the Club.

Brush-A-Mania: In March every year the Rotary Club partners with Uxbridge Family Dentistry to visit elementary schools in Uxbridge to teach primary students about the importance of good oral hygiene.

Hope Through Hockey: A trip north by local volunteers journeyed to the remote First Nations community of Weagamow to run a week’s worth of hockey and life skills camps for kids of all ages.

Other Youth programs: We support the Canadian Tire Jump Start program among others.


We raise funds to support local and international projects through fun activities that build our community.  All of the money raised by our Club goes directly to the Club’s projects.  If you support or participate in any Rotary fundraising activity, you can be sure your ticket purchases, donations and sponsorship dollars go directly toward important causes.  Funds required to run the Club are raised through membership dues and not through fundraising events.


  • Trip-of-the-Month Club
  • Uxbridge Rotary Christmas Home Tour
  • Scrap Metal Day
  • “Catch the Ace” weekly draw

Trip-of-the-Month Club: Limited to 400 tickets with monthly draws for trips throughout the world as well as cash prizes.  Tickets are available from club members starting in September of each year.  All tickets are sold for 2019 but mark your calendar for 2020!  We thank Getaway Travel for planning these trips and for helping the Club sell tickets.

Uxbridge Rotary Christmas Home Tour: The next tour is already scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 9th 2019. Opportunities are available for local restaurants and shops to offer coupons to encourage the 1000 visitors, who travel throughout the Township to visit beautifully decorated homes, to also visit their location.  

Scrap Metal Day: This is planned for May 2020, date TBA. In the spirit of Earth Day we help you dispose of scrap metal, brass, aluminum, and car batteries as well as electronics. Plus bicycles will be collected for Africycle.

Catch the Ace: This weekly cumulative draw, $5 per ticket; each week one ticket is drawn. Benefits Rotary, Jumpstart and Uxbridge Legion as well as one Grand Winner.


The Uxbridge Rotary Community Service Committee manages these fundraisers and other community projects:

Blood donor clinics are sponsored every second month and Rotarians bake goodies offered to the donors after their donation. The next one is scheduled for Friday July 5th at The Seniors Centre from 1:30 – 7:30. In partnership with Canadian Blood Services last year a special effort was made to encourage students 17 years or older to register as blood donors and thus begin a lifelong commitment to donating blood. The students were also informed they could earn 5 Community Service hours for one blood donation. Further a “One Match” clinic was held so cheeks could be swabbed to determine whether they could be stem cell donors and save lives.

Seniors Thanksgiving dinner: We provide and serve the banquet at this annual event for 2019 at the Seniors Centre in October.

The Durham Basketeers: Lovely gift baskets were created to help women with their new beginning when they leave a shelter.

Trestle Bridge: We contributed to the restoration of the historic Trestle Bridge and periodic maintenance to the Uxbridge Rotary Bandshell and Uxbridge Trails.

Pump Park:  We started a partnership with the Optimists and local youth to add to the Rotary playing fields with a “Pump Park” for bikers. The committee is actively planning preliminary designs/ quotes and firming up project costs.

Supporting needy families at Christmas through the Salvation Army and Operation Warm Hearts.

Othere community events supported include Springfest, Uxperience, Santa Claus Parade.


The Uxbridge Rotary International Service Committee brings humanitarian aid to developing and disaster-stricken countries, with a particular focus in recent years on water and sanitation. Accountability for donated funds is ensured through partnerships with Rotary clubs local to the assisted area and with Rotary International. In the past year we have supported these worthy international projects:

HIP – Honouring Indigenous People: HIP was created by Rotarians in Southern Ontario in partnership and consultation with, a number of indigenous people. The intent is to honour indigenous people by supporting their educational efforts and encouraging all Canadians to be aware of indigenous issues, history and culture.
Several partnerships with diverse indigenous communities across the province are emerging. Further details about HIP are available through the separate web site

Donations to Shelterbox: Funding the purchase of 3 shelter boxes in response to the Haiti earthquake, and additional funding to support a long-term rebuilding project in Haiti.

Medical supplies to areas in great need

Annual funding to the Rotary International PolioPlus campaign

The Uxbridge Ghana Health team

Dignitas International:  We have provided annual funding and support to Dignitas International, an organization that has dramatically increased access to effective HIV/AIDS-related prevention, treatment, care and support in resource-limited settings through developing and sharing community-based solutions. Our club has taken the lead in fundraising efforts amongst other Rotary partners for the Rotary-Dignitas Pediatric Prevention and Treatment Initiative in Malawi.

Disaster Aid Canada to purchase and deliver 3 family survival packs in response to Pakistan flooding. Each pack provided immediate shelter and supplies for 10 people, including a tent, tools and cooking supplies, blankets, mosquito nets and water purification tablets.

Africycle: Annual funding and bicycles for Africycle as it continues to expand its operation in Zambia, Malawi.

Malawi water project to provide clean water for over 150,000 people in partnership with Rotary clubs in Toronto and Cobourg; with matching funds from Rotary International, Ryan’s Wells and CIDA over $200,000 was raised.


What is required to become a member of Rotary?

All it takes to start the process of becoming a Rotarian is an open heart to serve the community and a willingness to enjoy fun and fellowship. The best way to begin is to join us at our weekly Zoom meeting 7:30 a.m. on Thursdays. Please register by contacting