See the world while supporting causes in your own backyard

Below is our flyer describing our 2022 trip lineup. The ticket price, which has never increased, remains at $150.00 each. Don’t forget that each month’s winning tickets go back into the drum and are eligible for all 12 monthly draws. Even though we still have draws for November and December 2021, tickets for 2022 are going fast! If you want to join the Trip of the Month Club, email or us or message us on our Facebook page to make arrangements to purchase one.

Proceeds from the “Trip of the Month Club” assist Uxbridge Rotary in supporting many local causes including Africycle, Lucy Maude Montgomery Society, Precious Minds, Uxbridge Library, Blood Donor Clinics, Uxbridge Food Bank, Uxbridge Trails, Uxbridge Youth Centre and the Uxbridge Rotary Skate Park plus many other local and international initiatives.

Thanks in advance to all our valued and greatly appreciated ticker holders for your continued support of this important fundraiser!

Please contact us if you wish to purchase tickets.

See Our Winners

October 2021 Winners

Adult in Aruba: Ticket #118 – Lynda Knapp, sold be Elaine deBlicquy
$150: Ticket #227 – Eileen Winnington-Ball, sold by Ron Hunter
$100: Ticket #332 – Laura Gray, sold by Randy Hickey

September 2021 Winners

Bask in Fall Colours: Ticket #109 – Richard deBlicquy, sold by Elaine deBlicquy
$150: Ticket #002 – Don and Anne-Marie Archibald, sold by Ian Morrison
$100: Ticket #352 – Richard McGowan, sold by Pam McGowan

August 2021 Winners

Hello/Bonjour: Ticket #097 – Guy Rogers, sold by Dale Hickey
$150: Ticket #148 – Kirsten and Richard Clark, sold by Marion Martin
$100: Ticket #183 – Maggie Ferraro, sold by Cyndie Jacobs

July 2021 Winners

Sultry Santa Clara: Ticket #298 – Harry Porter, sold by Terry Chapman
$150: Ticket #201 – Vince Cicchelli, sold by Greg Eickmeier
$100: Ticket #144 – Jacob and Steph Lyon, sold by Arlene Lyon

June 2021 Winners

Hook, Line and Sinker: Ticket #291 – Krista Appleton, sold by Mike Banh
$150: Ticket #394 – Maja Cassibo, sold by Lisha Van Nieuwenhove
$100: Ticket #363 – Chris Johnston, sold by Hank Parsaniya

May 2021 Winners

Green With Envy: Ticket #289 – Andrew Veeren, sold by Ahmad Aslam.
$150: Ticket #073 – Stacy Kearley, sold by Dale Hickey
$100: Ticket #384 – Katie Weekes, sold by Chris Weekes

April 2021 Winners

Jetting to Jamaica: Ticket #351 – Dana Grace, sold by Mike Banh
$150: Ticket #159 – Rick and Linda Castle, sold by Marion Martin
$100: Ticket #074 – Barb Pratt, sold by Dale Hickey

March 2021 Winners

Furry Friends trip – Ticket #028 – Anastasia Takeda,  sold by Ian Morrison
$150 – Ticket #303 – Joanna Thornton,  sold by Cyndie Jacobs
$100 –  Ticket #327 – Carol Wilson,  sold by Ken Hendry.

February 2021 Winners

Ski Lake Louise – Ticket #257 – Arthur Beatty,  sold by Dennis Misurka
$150 – Ticket #358 – Scott Rutledge,  sold by Susan McLellan
$100 – Ticket #137 – Mary Milford,  sold by Getaway travel.

January 2021 Winners

Beautiful Baja – Ticket #246 – Deborah Dee,  sold by Deb Dee
$150 –  Ticket #201 – Vince Cicchelli, sold by Greg Eichmeier
$100 – Ticket #130 – Tracy Mogk,  sold by Getaway Travel.

2021 Early Bird Winners

$250 Gift Certificate donated by Getaway Travel – Ticket #253 – Christina Loizou of Uxbridge, sold by Deb Dee.
The set of travel luggage donated by Getaway Travel – Ticket #33 – Jim and Yvonne Rowlands, sold by Ian Morrison.
TOTM ticket donated by Getaway Travel- ticket #209 – Mike Williams, sold by Greg Eickmeier.
Grand Early Bird $1000 in cash – Ticket # 311 – Christine McGill,  sold by Greg Eickmeier.