Steve David | Principal, Uxbridge Secondary School {Jan. 9th, 2014}

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Steve David was late for his very first day of Kindergarten (no fault of his own) and
was sent to the Principal’s office.  Following a lively (his mother would say
“bumpy”) educational road he is now approaching the end of his career – in the
Principal’s office, but this time on the other side of the desk in Uxbridge Secondary
School.  Beginning his teaching career instructing adults and children how to sail
and ski, Steve decided that a career in education was for him.  This is actually
Steve’s fourth “start” at Uxbridge S.S., going back to 1983 when he began his career
as an English and History teacher at the school.  Since then he has worked as a
classroom teacher, Coop teacher, Department Head of English and Coop, and school
administrator in six Durham high schools.  He has been an educational columnist in
the Uxbridge Tribune and Toronto Star and has had the chance to be part of a dramatic
transformation of our educational system.  Steve was a resident of Uxbridge for
eighteen years, raised his family here, and is a proud alumnus of “Hot Air” (a local
band), and “Uxperience”.

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