Dana Kerford | Girl Power {April 2nd, 2015}

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Dana Kerford is a teacher, Friendship Expert, and the Founder of GirlPower & GoodGuys Inc. Her career as a teacher began in 2004 when, after settling into grade 4, she quickly identified the intensity and complexity of friendships for young girls. Inspired by her students, Dana began researching relational aggression, conflict-resolution, and the inner workings of female relationships. In 2009, Dana developed and launched the first ever GirlPower six-week program, teaching her students how to foster a female community of kindness and support, where girls learn to have a voice in their friendships. Since then, she has worked with over twenty thousand girls, parents, and educators, both in the classroom setting and private, community-based venues across North America and Australia. Her most popular workshop, “The Language of Friendship”, is a parent-child workshop that gives parents a new “language” for talking about friendship. In 2012, Dana released her first book “The Friendship Project” – a workbook for parents and tween girls. After piloting GoodGuys in 11 schools across 3 countries and doing extensive research on boys and friendship, Dana launched GirlPower’s brother program in June 2014! Dana has been featured on TV programs (such as Global, CTV, Breakfast Television, Canada’s daytime talk show The Social, and Australia’s Sunrise, Today, Seven News, and Nine News) and interviewed by radio programs and magazines (such as Today’s Parent, Macleans, SELF, and Seventeen). She has also been in a number of newspapers and is often contacted to provide expertise around the issue of bullying. Dana is regularly invited to speak at conferences across North America and Australia and has been nominated and won several awards. Her passion to empower tweens with the skills, language, and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier friendships is the heart and soul of GirlPower & GoodGuys.

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